Senior Homes Grapple with Lincolnwood, IL's Strong Fire Codes

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Senior Living Facility Fire Sprinklers | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Lincolnwood, IL -- Firefighters are responding to a developer who is challenging the strict fire codes of Lincolnwood, IL.

Just last year, those fire codes proved to work well.  Firefighters responded to a fourth floor fire at a senior home before the resident even woke up.  The fire sprinklers activated when the fire ignited and extinguished the fire, alerting the fire department - all while the resident slept.

A Dallas-based developer is challenging these codes, saying that building in Lincolnwood costs 6-8% more than other places because of the strict fire code.  They require  fire safe building materials as well as fire sprinklers.  The developer claims that the two-hour construction materials (it takes two-hours for a fire to burn through the materials) aren't necessary when fire sprinklers are in place.  See the full story here.

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