Blast Levels New Jersey Home, Kills One

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Blast Levels New Jersey Home | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Elizabeth, NJ -- An explosion in New Jersey completely leveled a home, killing one.

The blast killed the resident, knocked the next door neighbor out of bed, and injured fourteen people.  A spokesperson said another person was initially unaccounted for, but it was later determined that the person was not home.

The explosion happened on the second floor, and the mayor described it as a gas-related explosion.  However, the gas company cannot conclusively say that it was gas-related.  

The fire went out on its own.  "There was a blast fire after the initial explosion, and we're very fortunate we didn't get a major fire afterwards.  It would have been a whole different ballgame.  We would have had quite a few buildings involved, and the outcome for some of the people who were rescued wouldn't have been the same," said Fire Chief McNamara.

The blast leveled one home, damaged seven homes, and three of the seven will need to be demolished.

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