Neighborhood Learns the Hard Way that They Have No Fire Hydrants

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Neighborhood Learns the Hard Way That They Have No Fire Hydrants | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Lake Travis, TX -- A neighbor called in a fire when they saw flames shooting from the roof of a vacation home.  The home was destroyed because the neighborhood had no fire hydrants.

Fire crews arrived at the scene and discovered that the neighborhood was not equipped with fire hydrants.  They had to go down the street and bring in water from the lake to fight the fire.

Luckily, the homeowners were not home, as it was a vacation home.  The house was a total loss.

Residents of the neighborhood were surprised to learn that they didn't have fire hydrants.  "When I heard they were going down to the lake to get water, I thought 'well, we have fire hydrants.  Why are they not using the fire hydrants?'" said Evelyn Turner.

"We thought that was actually our fire hydrant, it's right next door to our property, so we thought, 'Oh, this is good,'" said Diane Ela.  However, what the neighborhood thought were hydrants were actually exclusively used for flushing the water system, not access water for firefighters.

No other properties were damaged in the fire.  Continue reading here. 

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