Meet Safyre: 8 Year Old Arson Victim Who Only Wants Cards for Christmas

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Arson Victim's Christmas Wish | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

New York -- An 8 year old arson victim is hoping to fill her thrift store Christmas card holder with cards from around the world this year.  

Liz Dolder adopted her niece, Safyre, who was 5 year's old when her father and siblings died in a fire when someone lit a stairwell leading to their apartment on fire.  Safyre's mother gave up her parental rights, so Liz, Safyre's aunt, adopted her after her family perished.  Safyre only survived because her father cradled her while the fire consumed him.  His body shielded her from breathing in the smoke and she miraculously survived.  Layah, 3, Michael, 2, and Donovan, 11 months, along with Safyre's father, David Terry, died in the blaze.

Safyre suffered from burns over 75% of her body and spent 9 months in the hospital. 

"Safyre lost everything - her father, her mother, her sister, her brothers, her home, her favorite toy, her favorite outfit - everything that was familiar to her," Liz Dolder told TODAY Parents.  "She even lost the one thing that we all take for granted - her reflection.  But she wakes every morning with a smile on her face.  She is the true definition of hope, faith, and love."

Send a card to Safyre and make her holiday wish come true.  You can send your card to:

Safyre, P.O. Box 6126, Schenectady, New York 12306.

Read her story here. 

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