Two Former Employees Accused of Warehouse Arson

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Two Former Employees Accused of Warehouse Arson | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Austin, TX -- Two former employees of a countertop warehouse are accused of arson after a warehouse was burned and tools were stolen.

Arson investigators found multiple padlocks cut, hand tools stolen, and flammable liquids detected throughout the property.  Three gas cans were thrown around the property.  Surveillance video shows two men in a white van who were smoking and drinking.  They were caught on video walking back and forth between the van and warehouse at 4:20am.  At 4:48am, they were seen driving away.

Employees were asked to watch the video footage and try and identify the men in the video.  The employees agreed that the men were Leonardo Vargas and Philip Hernanadez.  Vargas quit the company in March 2015 after he was reprimanded for a no show.  Hernandez quit in February 2015 after he was accused of breaking into the warehouse. 

When the men were found, they admitted to breaking into the warehouse, but said that they have nothing to do with the fire. 

The warehouse fire is estimated to have caused $45,000 in damage.   

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