Smoke Alarm Alerts Family of Space Heater Fire

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Smoke Alarm Alerts Family of Space Heater Fire | The Moran Group

Henrico, VA -- Fire crews extinguished a fire that was sparked when a space heater was left on over night.

Units were called to the scene when the family called 9-1-1 after a working smoke alarm alerted them of smoke at 3:11am.  The fire was still small and contained in the wall that the heater was plugged into when the fire crews extinguished it.  It was under control by 3:19am.

The damage was very minimal because the family found the fire so quickly.  The smoke alarm not only saved the family, but also reduced damage to their home.

"Smoke alarms not only save lives, they catch fires when they are still small and can be extinguished with minimal damage," fire officials said.

When using a space heater remember to always have a three foot clearance between the heater and anything that can catch fire.  Additionally, turn off the heater when you are leaving the room or going to bed.

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