Chicago Firefighter Dies After Falling Down Elevator Shaft

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Chicago Firefighter Dies After Falling into Elevator Shaft | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Chicago, IL -- A Chicago firefighter died after falling down an elevator shaft while fighting a fire at a warehouse.

Firefighter Daniel Capuano, 42, was searching for the source of the blaze on the second floor of the warehouse.  The entire floor was filled with smoke.  While searching, he fell down the elevator shaft to the basement.

Other firefighters reached Capuano quickly and got him to an ambulance, but Capuano was pronounced dead at 4:25am.

"This is devastating to the family," said Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago.

The owners of the building didn't have proper permits for the elevator, so, at the time of the fire, the elevator was being removed without authorization.  

Capuano was a 15 year veteran and left behind three children and a wife.

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