Top 10 Fire Protection Blog Posts of the Year

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Top 10 Fire Protection Blog Posts of the Year | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

We have made a round up of our top ten blog posts for the entire year in order of popularity.  You'll never guess our top blog.

10)   5 Common Fire Code Violations

According to the NFPA, 99,500 business fires, 65 deaths, 1,525 injuries, and $2.5 million in damages occurred in 2012.  Properly maintained equipment will reduce the chances of death, injury, or damage to a business or employee.  There are many ways that fire protection can become non-compliant that many facilities may not know is a violation.

9)   Quakers Hill Nursing Home Fire:  Nurses Recognized for Bravery

FOR Judith Watts the 11 people who she nursed and later died in the Quakers Hill nursing home fire are more than just names.

Ms Watts worked for almost two decades at the nursing home and the 11 who died in the fire on November 18 last year were like family for the Prospect woman.

8)  Most Amazing Construction Projects by Forbes 

Forbes shared a great infographic, Most Amazing Construction Projects found on Rock & Dirt.  Check out the tallest buildings in the world, most amazing power project, worst construction projects, & more. 

7)  FLASHBACK:  1958 Our Lady of the Angels School Fire Killed 92 Students & 3 Nuns 

On December 1, 1958, just a few short weeks until the holiday break, Our Lady of the Angels School caught fire in Chicago, IL. Ninety-two students and three nuns perished in the fire and many others were injured. This horrific event led to positive safety changes in the long run. It showcased the need for an improvement in school design and fire safety codes. Many schools change over time based on the student population, often without regard to fire protection. In fact, Our Lady of the Angels was originally built in 1910, but had been remodeled several times prior to the 1958 fire. This fire served as an example of why fire protection must be integrated during the design phase of new and remodeled educational buildings, and the importance of staying current on fire safety code.

6) Lux Apartment Booming in Chicago

A serious game of one-upmanship is underway in downtown Chicago's rental market, as developers race to open shiny apartment towers tricked out with swank extras and some eye-popping rents.

5)  A Nightclub Fire in Cambodia Killed 5 Women 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- A nightclub fire killed five women who became trapped in one of the rooms and critically injured two men.

4)  5 Cool Construction Gadgets     

Construction workers, project managers, and maintenance managers never have the same day twice.  You might be out in the field one day and sitting at your computer the next.  Not only that, you're doing something different all the time.  That is why gadgets that make life easier is key.  Check out our top 5 cool gadgets for construction.

3)  Construction Worker Falls to Death in Hell's Kitchen Elevator Shaft 

New York -- An elevator mechanic was killed on Tuesday when he fell four stories without a harness at a construction site.

2) A Look Back:  1994 Logan Valley Mall Fire  

On December 16, 1994 at 2:30am a fire ignited at Logan Valley Mall in Pennsylvania. The accidental fire ignited in a utility area and quickly spread throughout the mall, damaging 42 stores. NFPA determined the lack of fire sprinklers was a main cause for the financial devastation.


1)   Video:  The Station Nightclub Fire

"Where's my husband? Where's my husband?" someone screams as a cameraman stalks nearby and hundreds of people flee. The fire at the Station Nightclub on February 20, 2003 killed 100 people and injured 200 people. The loss of life is tragic, but with this tragedy came stricter fire codes for places of assembly, keeping event-goers safe. Since the 2003 fire code change, there has not been a large -scale tragic fire in a place of assembly in the United States.