Hoverboard Explodes Still in Box

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Hoverboard fire at Deerbrook Mall

Humble, TX -- A hoverboard, while still in the box, exploded on Monday in the Deerbrook Mall.

Federal Authorities are investigating the explosion.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants to know what caused that fire as well as the dozens of other hoverboard fires in the U.S. and U.K.  Two dozen hoverboards have caught fire in the U.S. alone in the recent weeks.

The mall incident was unusual because it was still in its box.  Usually the hoverboards are at risk for catching fire only when they are charging.  The hoverboard was being returned to a kiosk because the box started smoking and it exploded soon after.

Video caught a nearby kiosk employee, Moustafa Eldaly, with a fire extinguisher, putting out the fire.  [See the video here.]  "Every time I turn off the fire, it starts again," Eldaly explained.

Mall management told the hoverboard kiosk that it had to go.  Deerbrook Mall is now trying to decide if it will ban all hoverboards.  So far, some major universities and airlines have banned hoverboards and online retailers Amazon and Overstock have stopped selling them. 

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