Sprinkler Save: A Fire Sprinkler Saved a RI Hair Salon

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Sprinkler Save:  A Fire Sprinkler Saved a RI Hair Salon | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Coventry, RI -- The clean up has began for a hair salon that was saved by fire sprinklers.

Barbara Absi, salon owner, said, "It's still under investigation, but it did not start in my salon, that much I know.  My mother is in surgery as we speak, my daughter was supposed to get married today, out of state, and now this.  Thank goodness I have my faith."

She received a call from her brother in law, who lives in the building behind the salon at 2:30am.  

Everyone in the community has stepped up to help.  Family, friends, and employees cleaned up the water in the space.  "Everyone in the area has been so nice and we've already had offers for other businesses who want to lend us some of their space on a temporary basis because we do want to come back here," said Absi.

Most of the fire damage is contained to a small area in the back of the salon.  There was some water damage from the four fire sprinklers that went off.

"It was a second-alarm fire with no injuries to civilians or firefighters.  It is still under investigation, but it appears to be accidental, possibly involving a discarded cigarette," said Central Coventry Fire Chief Peter Lamb.  "The firefighters did an excellent job but the sprinklers helped keep the fire in check.  Only the sprinklers next to the fire actually go off, in this case, four went off, but even if a building has sprinklers, doesn't mean they all go off.  Yes, there can be water damage, but that can be dried; you can't un-burn something."


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