Fire Tears Through Dexter Condo

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Fire Tears Through Dexter Condo Complex

Ann Arbor, MI -- A fire tore through a condo complex in Michigan yesterday (January 7).

Matt King, a 23 year old resident of the condo was eating dinner when he heard a series of explosions in the building.  He thought it was just a noisy neighbor until he looked outside and saw the glow of the fire.

"I got my cat and then I got my mom, and we got out," he said.  "It's kind of surreal...It's kind of just a shock."

Dexter Fire Chief Robert Smith said no one was injured in the fire.

Firefighters were on the scene by 8pm, reported co-owner of the property management company Your Peace of Mind, Brian McBain.  Fire crews arrived to find flames coming through the roof.  They were able to keep the fire from spreading to other nearby buildings.

"The crews set up real well, saved the two buildings to the side of it...but the building will probably be a total loss," said Smith.

The fire cause has yet to be determined.

McBain said that the building had a fire suppression system that was recently inspected.  There has been no word on if it activated.

McBain went on to say, "I feel sorry for the homeowners."  It may take up to a year to rebuild.

One resident was examined, but she explained she was just overwhelmed.  She had been in a car accident shortly before the fire started.

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