Two Prescott Hotels Saved by Fire Sprinklers

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Two Prescott Hotels Saved by Fire Sprinklers

Prescott, AZ -- Two Prescott hotels proved that fire sprinklers save when they caught fire and fire sprinklers kept the fires at bay.

On Friday, January 8, 2016 at 10:15pm, the Prescott Fire Department received several reports of smoke coming from a La Quinta in Prescott.  A few days earlier, fire crews were dispatched to the Hampton Inn with reports of a fire.

In the La Quinta fire, arriving fire crews saw smoke coming from the front of the building from the second floor.  The crews made it to the second floor to find smoke, but no fire in a wing that was being remodeled.

When the crews found the source of the fire, they saw a fire sprinkler had extinguished the fire.  The firemen did a check and made sure that there wasn't a fire in the ceilings or walls.  They determined that the fire was completely extinguished.  Six rooms were unable to be occupied for the night due to smoke and water damage, but no one was hurt.  The fire was determined to have started from a wall heating and cooling unit.

The Hampton Inn fire had smoke in the attic space when fire crews arrived.  Firefighters found an electrical cord for "heat tape," a device used to keep pipes from freezing, had failed and caused a small smoldering fire that ignited the attic insulation.  The fire was kept at bay by fire sprinklers and quickly extinguished.

These hotel fires are prime examples of the importance of fire sprinklers.  Read the original story here. 


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