Fire Destroys Home, Kills 1 and Injures 4

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Fire Destroys Home, Kills 1 & Injures 4 | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Modesto, CA -- One person was found dead and four were injured when a house fire ignited in California. 

The fire broke out around 5:30am in a 6-bedroom home.  Firefighters had difficulty accessing and extinguishing the flames because of debris scattered around the house.

Neighbor Mark Jacquez said, "I seen the fire, how intense it was.  It grew fast, it grew so fast."

The home was a rental that was occupied by seven people and owned by someone who identified himself as "Patriot Bob."  He lives in the garage of the home.

"So, I rushed into the house to make sure the guys are okay," said Patriot Bob.  "And the bad thing about it -- I heard one guy didn't make it.  I'll live with that forever."

Firefighters have not yet determined what caused the blame, but do know that the fire originated in the carport.  "We can say there was a real heavy fuel load at the property with material and property and debris that was around the house, so that would help intensify the fire," said Modesto Fire Chief Alan Ernst.

One man was found dead and four others were injured in the fire.

Jim Stanford, one of the renters inside the home was taken to the hospital.  He said, "They kept me on oxygen for several house, checked my throat and nasal passages, which I guess are a little singed.

The house was a total loss.  No word on if there were smoke detectors.

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