2 Women Dead in Apartment Fire

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Two Women Dead in Apartment Fire

Two women died in a residential fire when a fire swept through an apartment complex.  This was the second deadly fire within 24 hours in Jefferson County.

Eight people were taken to the hospital following a fire that swept through an apartment complex.  Firefighters were sent to the complex at 8:58pm.  When they arrived, they found several people trapped in the fire.

Vestavia Hills Fire Lt. Ryan Farrell said it took several minutes to get the blaze under control.  The firefighters were stretched thin because they were carrying out dual operations of rescue and fire suppression.

Witnesses say that the flames went to 20 feet above the second-story unit.

At 10:45pm, firefighters conducted follow up searches in the building when they found the two women dead.

This was the second fatal fire in Jefferson County in just 24 hours.  A husband and wife, both 74, died in their home shortly after calling 9-1-1 for a house fire.

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