Five Ridiculous Fires: How a love letter set a building on fire and more.

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Five Ridiculous Fires | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Fires are often caused by carelessness - unfixed electrical issues, smoking, space heaters too close to combustibles - but sometimes they are started from complete stupidity.  Here are five of those stories.  

1)  A Florida man sets his apartment on fire after burning love letters 

A minor league hockey player got in a fight with his girlfriend and set her love letters on fire December 30.  The fire quickly got out of control as he tried to extinguish it with water and towels.  Eventually, the fire sprinklers activated and extinguished it.  When firefighters arrived, he admitted to what he had done.  He was charged with arson and is set to appear in court February 1. 

2)  Women sets fire that grows to 51,000 acres because her firefighter friends were bored

On July 20, 2013, a woman through a firework into a bush to start a fire because her firefighter friends were bored.  The fire grew to 51,000 acres and cost $8 million to contain. 

3)  Pyrotechnics set off at Station Nightclub killed 100 people, injured 230

 A tour manager for a small band called the Great White set off pyrotechnics in a club with low-ceilings covered in acoustic foam.  The foam quickly ignited and resulted in the most devastating nightclub fire in U.S. history.

4)  A food truck owner parked his car with a pressure cooker and propane tank next to the Washington National Mall

A man who owns a food truck parked his car, which contained some general food truck materials, near the Washington National Mall 15 minutes before a concert was to begin.  The pressure cooker, used to cook rice, and the propane tank, used to ignite the food truck stove, are also used in bombs.  His car exploded. 

5)  A Detroit man trying to kill bed bugs sets himself and his apartment building on fire

A man trying to kill bed bugs sprayed himself and his sofa with rubbing alcohol at 4:30am and lit a cigarette.  The man caught his body and bed on fire when he tried to light one of the bugs on fire. 


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