Chief: Highland Park Warehouse Fire Could Take a Week to Extinguish

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Highland Park warehouse fire could take up to a week to extinguish

Highland Park, MI -- Flames were reported at 2:30am at the warehouse that was the home to several businesses.

Craig Varterian, owner of the nonprofit, Reclaim Detroit, got a call at 4am that the warehouse that he runs his business out of was on fire.  "I'm really shell-shocked.  It burned to the ground.  All of our equipment, all of our inventory, all those materials we've been collecting for so long."

Other businesses destroyed in the fire include a recycling company and a marketing materials business.  The warehouse was $565,000 square feet.

Fire crews expect it to take a week to extinguish the fire.

The Highland Park Fire Department issued a boil-water alert because of the low-water pressure due to firefighting efforts.

The smoke from the fire required the evacuation of nearby residents in a high-rise senior home and a nearby apartment complex and townhomes.  Residents were taken by bus to the Soul Harvest Ministry.

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