Sprinklers Could Have Changed the Outcome of Deadly Blaze

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Sprinklers Could Have Changed the Outcome of Deadly Blaze | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Toronto, Canada -- A deadly fire killed three people and injured 12 when it ignited in a public housing complex that housed mostly seniors.

The Ontario Fire Marshal explained that he believed that the fire outcome would have been different had there been fire sprinklers and other safety measures in the building.  Investigators pointed out several safety issues that contributed to the destruction caused.

Ontario Fire Marshal Investigator James Allen explained that the building met all building code standards; however, it was constructed pre-2007, and was not legally required to have fire sprinklers.  "There's no doubt in our mind that had sprinklers been installed to today's standards, the outcome would have been different," Allen said.

The building was home to many seniors; however, it was not legally a senior residence and did not require the stricter fire code.  In the Ontario Fire Code, rest homes are regulated as health care facilities.  They have a higher standard of safety than traditional houses.

According to officers, the residence was not legally a senior home, but advertised as if it were.  It was advertised as a "senior's lifestyle suite" and only available for ages 59+.  However, because it was not classified as a senior home, it was not required to meet senior home fire codes.

Investigators are searching for any fire code violations.

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