Border Patrol Agent Started Wildfire During Gender Reveal via NBC News


A border patrol agent pleaded guilty to accidentally starting a wildfire in Arizona during a gender reveal gone wrong.

The 37-year old man from Tuscon, Arizona started the Sawmill Fire that burnt 45,000 acres of Coronado National Forest, managed by the U.S. Forest Service. It caused over $8 million in damage that he has agreed to pay back to the city.

The agent shot a target with a color substance that would shoot out pink or blue, depending on the gender of the baby. While gender reveals are popular, they are usually not dangerous. The problem with this gender reveal was that the target contained Tannerite, and explosive substance. When he shot the gender reveal powder at the target, it caused an explosion.

Almost 800 firefighters worked on the blaze and it took over a week to contain it.

When the agent saw that a fire ignited, he called authorities and told them about the fire.

The 37 year-old agreed to 5-years probation and to pay $8.1 million. He started with an initial payment of $100,000. The initial payment is to be followed by $500 monthly payments for the next twenty years. It has not been revealed how the balance will be paid.

The agent is also going to star in a public service announcement with the U.S. Forest Service.

He was sentenced on October 9.

Read the full story on NBC News here.

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