Top Blogs of 2017 in Fire Protection

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2017 is over.

Last year was a wild ride with a new president, North Korea testing nukes, cryptocurrencies ruled, and so much more.  The Moran Group had quite the year too.  They had their 60th anniversary!

To celebrate the new year, we are sharing our top posts from 2017.

1.  The Station Nightclub Fire

Our most popular post of the year was the Station Nightclub Fire blog and video.  In 2003, the worst nightclub fire to occur in the U.S. made headlines.  The pyrotechnics from an indoor concert caught sound proofing material on fire.  The fire killed 100 people and injured 200 people.

nightclub fire

2.  A Look Back:  1994 Logan Valley Mall Fire

Next up, our profile of the Logan Valley mall fire caught our readers interest as the second most viewed post.  In 1994, a fire at the mall damaged 42 stores.  It financially devastated several businesses.  The NFPA determined that the main cause of the devastation was the lack of fire sprinklers.

3.  What Do Property Managers Need to Know:  5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Our blog post about the much-misunderstood 5-year fire sprinkler inspection caught the attention of property managers.  The post even includes a 3-step video on what happens when an obstruction is found and a FREE e-course to learn more.

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4.  Wisconsin Fire Sprinkler Law Reverses in 24 Hours

In Madison, Wisconsin, a fire sprinkler law went into effect and then reversed within 24 hours.  The original post was written in February, and we wrote a follow up article on it last week.  Find out why the fire sprinkler rule will never be enforced.

5.  Sprinkler Douses Surgical Washer Fire at Hospital

A washer for surgical equipment caught fire, and was immediately put out when a fire sprinkler activated.  The heating element in the washer malfunctioned and overheated.  We wrote a follow up article showcasing the top causes for hospital fires.

That wraps up our top blog posts of 2017.  Tell us in the comments, what were your favorite posts from this year?  What fire sprinkler news sparked interest in you?