Transportation Hub Fire Protection Case Study

fire protection at a transportation hub

Contributor:  Bret Logemann, VP of Warehouse and Distribution Centers at F.E. Moran Fire Protection National
Writer:  Sarah Block, Marketing Director at The Moran Group

When a transportation company decided to expand their trucking service to Winter Haven, no one knew that it would spawn an industrial movement in the town. While developing the land from nothing to an industrial district, odd obstacles popped up left and right. Would the obstacles win?

When a transportation company decided to expand their competitive advantage long haul trucking service to Winter Haven, FL, they had no idea that it would transform the local economy to the extent that it did. However, before that happened, there were a number of surprising obstacles that they had to overcome with the help of F.E. Moran Fire Protection.

The transportation company runs 21,000 miles across eastern United States, transporting manufactured goods with the help of their 40 terminals. Their most recent terminal, in Winter Haven, FL, spawned an industrial development movement, bringing massive economic gains to the local area.

When they decided to build their hub in Winter Haven, they brought on F.E. Moran Fire Protection (FPS) to protect their facility from fire. Together, with their GC, they were able to overcome unexpected hurdles, resulting in a successful project.


Unusual Obstacles Bring Exciting Challenges

The hub was set to be built in Winter Haven, FL; however, a problem lay ahead: the land was completely undeveloped. There was no municipal water supply. FPS had to wait until the municipal water supply was added to the area. Once it was completed, it was discovered that a standard fire pump wouldn't be adequate to supply the fire sprinklers.

Another unexpected delay was right around the corner. The excavation was set to begin for the water main installation. Quickly into the excavation, the excavation contractor found a protected tortoise burrow in the excavation path. Per Florida law, the burrow could not be disturbed until it had been observed for 28 days to ensure that the burrow was abandoned.

Unique Problems Require Unique Solutions

To solve the issue of an inadequate water supply, F.E. Moran Fire Protection added a Variable Speed Diesel Fire Pump. Prior to adding this improved pump, the water supply wouldn't have enough pressure to adequately supply the fire sprinklers. The new Variable Speed Diesel Fire Pump is able to maintain a 175 psi pressure, sufficiently supplying the fire protection system.

Finding a tortoise burrow that was on Florida's protected animal list could have been a major blow to the timeline. Work had to stop for 28 days, according to Florida law. Plus, if the tortoise returned, more time would be lost relocating the burrow. Luckily, the tortoise did not return, and after following the 28 day protocol, FPS and Clayco were able to resume work on the project.


An Economic Boost to Florida

In the end, by working closely with Florida's sprinkler fitters local 821, increasing manpower, and FPS' outstanding employees, the project was completed within six weeks and under budget. Bret Logemann said, "I believe this [successful project] is due to F.E. Moran Fire Protection's superior office, design, project management, scheduling, purchasing, and field employees." By building a solid relationship with the local union and project GC, this project went from a series of obstacles to a complete success. Now, thanks to the hub, the local economy is set to thrive. The hub was the first industrial property to break ground in what will now be an 8 million square foot industrial space, spawning a massive distribution mecca for Fortune 500 companies. The project is estimated to cost a total of $400 million and take 5-6 years to complete, bringing both construction and industrial jobs to the local economy. That is something FPS is proud to be a part of.

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