Highland Park Parking Garage Case Study

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When a Highland Park parking garage closed due to fire protection needs and neighborhood shop sales declined, F.E. Moran Fire Protection had ten days to complete the massive project to allow the parking garage to re-open and help the struggling shopping district regain its revenue.


Parking Garage Closure Snowballs to Falling Sales


A parking garage in Highland Park, IL, 23 miles outside of Chicago, was the only parking lot for several businesses in the main shopping district in town. With the parking garage out of commission, local businesses saw a 50% drop in business. With business struggling and the city losing revenue, time was of the essence.

Tom Dennis received a call from the director of facilities at 9am on a Thursday, and by 2pm, he was at the parking garage performing a job walk. Because of the financial strain the closed parking garage was causing, the project needed to get started immediately and the bid was due the next day by 4pm. F.E. Moran Fire Protection was awarded the job at 3pm on Saturday and by Sunday at 7am, demolition began.

The project involved removing and re-installing four complete dry sprinkler systems in the large 2-story parking garage. This involved approximately 1,500 sprinklers and all associated piping. In order to get the downtown district's business quickly back in line, the timeline was extremely tight. The entire project needed to be completed within ten days. 


Project Completion Pipe Dream


In order to meet the ten day deadline, the F.E. Moran Fire Protection crew had to work around the clock, and procure a large amount of materials quickly. Mr. Dennis and his team scoured the Midwest and all available suppliers, searching for materials. Galvanized pipes and fittings were lacking in the Midwest, making the ten day deadline seem like a pipe dream.



Problem Resolved with Teamwork


By utilizing all suppliers to support this project, F.E. Moran Fire Protection was able to complete the project within the ten day timeline. After exhausting all Midwest resources, the galvanized pipes and fittings were finally acquired. All factions of the company - starting with the service department and supported by the in-house fabrication shop, design team, and field management - pulled together to make this project a success. 

At the end of this project, the city of Highland Park got their parking garage back, enabling the local businesses to regain their sales. The project finalized within the ten day timeline and under budget.

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