Three Moran Companies Join Forces on Tenant Buildout

Three Moran Companies Join Forces on Tenant Buildout.jpg

Updated:  August 23, 2018

F.E. Moran (HVAC), F.E. Moran Fire Protection, and F.E. Moran Plumbing have been hired as a team to support the build-out of Constellation Brands on Dearborn in Chicago, IL.  

The building is 150,000 square feet.  F.E. Moran will be building out the HVAC, F.E. Moran Fire Protection will be building out the fire sprinklers, and the plumbing department will build out the plumbing on five floors.


How did our HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing divisions get the opportunity to work together again?

Communication is a priority, even before they get the project.

When a project gets on the radar of the Moran Group, they begin communicating immediately.  They begin to discuss if a GC or owner would benefit from a partnership.  

  • Is this a project that makes sense to partner on? 
  • How can our partnership positively impact the GC or owner?
  • Will our partnership make job site coordination easier?

Why did the GC decide to hire the HVAC, fire protection, and plumbing divisions of The Moran Group?

The Moran Group companies begin communicating and coordinating before they even involve the GC.  It takes work off of the GC's plate.  When else can a GC get contractors who are going to pre-communicate and help each other out?  Moran Group companies want each other to succeed, so they work together to make that happen.

Why do Moran Group companies enjoy working together?

Gavin Hansen, Vice President of F.E. Moran Fire Protection Northern Illinois said, "We know each other.  We're a team.  Our focus onsite is to work together to ensure the job flows more efficiently for the GC.  Our goal is to make all divisions succeed."

In Conclusion

While constellation was the first project The Moran Group divisions collaborated on, it proved to be successful.  Since then, they have continued to work together and improve the benefits GCs receive when working with all of our divisions.


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