Band Starts Fire at Rebel Lounge, Reminiscent of the Station Nightclub Incident

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Bands Starts Fire at Nightclub | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Phoenix, AZ -- A popular Phoenix nightclub was set on fire by the band Three Bad Jacks during a show on Saturday.

Kali Myers, a concert goer, took a video of the incident and put it on her Facebook page.  The video shows the bandleader, Elvis Suissa, squirting lighter fluid on the floor and igniting it.  A short time later, the sprinkler system activated.

The Rebel Lounge and concert promoters declined to comment on the incident.  However, the Rebel Lounge did confirm they will be closed for the next two days.

Myers message along with the video stated that lighting fires is a signature move of the Three Bad Jacks.  "Unfortunately, the venue had low ceilings and for lack of better judgement, they did it.  The crowd was hyped up.  I'm sure he [Suissa] got caught up in the moment."

The bar management and security did not protest the fire.  

No one was injured.  However, it was reminiscent of the deadly Station Nightclub fire in Rhode Island where pyrotechnics from the band ignited a fire that killed 100 people. 

The owner of the Rebel Lounge told reporters that the club had extensive water damage and that the Phoenix Fire Department responded to the incident.

"What we do know is because of our Phoenix fire prevention team and the Phoenix Fire Department along with the management and ownership of this nightclub hundreds of lives were saved," said Captain Aaron Ernsberger.

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