Boarding House Fire Kills 6 People

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Boarding House Fire Kills Six People | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Atlanta, GA -- A fire ripped through a boarding house fire in Atlanta on Monday.  It caused the collapse of the building and killed six people.

The fire victims were four men and two women.  

Fire crews were called to the scene at 5am on Monday.  By the time crews got to the scene, the fire had already spread to the roof and throughout the building.  Firefighters were unable to reach all areas of the boarding house.

"We got on scene and did the best job we could to try to get inside - there was just too much fire," said Atlanta Fire Rescue Spokesman Cortez Stafford.  The single story structure collapsed into the basement.

Five of the victims were found in the rear of the home and one was found in the front bedroom.

There were two space heaters in the home, which always ran according to resident Jannett Ragland.  One was in the front of the house and one was in the back.

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