Seattle Explosion Injures 9 Firefighters

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Seattle Explosion Injures 9 Firefighters | The Moran Group

Seattle, WA -- Nine firefighters were injured when an explosion leveled several buildings Wednesday morning.

The Seattle Fire Department reported that eight firefighters and a battalion chief were sent to the hospital after a "massive explosion" in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.

Seattle residents took to Twitter at 1:40am:

"It's like something out of a movie!" 

"It shook the house," said 40 year old Josh Koolbaugh, who lives a couple hundred feet from the explosion.  "It sounded like an extremely loud boom."

Koolbaugh walked to the scene.  "I saw three buildings that were all leveled.  There's nothing but rubble and bricks and there was a fire in the middle of the's like something out of a movie."

At least three buildings have been destroyed:  a local coffee shop, a restaurant, and a grocery store.

Emily Pfeifer, a 23 year old graphic designer said she heard, "a low boom and was rocked from a dead sleep, like a single gentle shove.  The rocking was accompanied by the sound of things shaking briefly in my room.  With the sound ane movement at the same time, I thought a car must have hit my building."

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