Chicago Family Trapped by Fire Jump to Safety

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Chicago Family Trapped by Fire Jump to Safety | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Chicago, IL -- A family had to break out of their apartment that was on fire and jump to safety overnight in the Little Village neighborhood.

Firefighters were called to the 2.5-story building at 3:30am on Thursday.  Fire engulfed the stairs, preventing the family of ten from escaping.  A man, his wife, and their three year old had to jump onto a neighbor's roof from the second floor.  

Another man wasn't able to get out.  Firefighters used a ladder to reach him.  He was taken to the hospital in serious condition with smoke inhalation.

The six other members of the family were downstairs, trying to escape with a nine month old.

"I put him in my shirt.  But then I realized I had to break the window.  They were hesitating.  They kind of didn't know what to do.  I took the baby out of my shirt and I gave him to my brother.  I tried to lift [the window] up because it wasn't lifting up.  I hopped out and they gave me the baby.  Then I pushed the trash can toward the window.  Then everybody started hopping out," said Isabel Arellano, a resident of the building.

The home was severely damaged and, most likely, nothing is salveageable.

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