Man with Mental Disability Fighting for his Life After Assisted Living Fire

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Man with Mental Disability Fighting for Life after Assisted Living Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Omaha, NE -- A man with a mental disability is fighting for his life following a fire at the assisted living facility he lived at.

The fire sent him and one other to the hospital on Friday, but as of today, he is still fighting for his life.

"He just had a pulse [Friday].  Even now, he just has a pulse," said Lalliena Birge, Travis' sister.

Travis Birge was sleeping when the fire broke out on the floor below him.  Because of his mental disability, he was unable to wake up, leaving him vulnerable to the fire.

"[He is] one of the funniest, most loving guys you will ever know.  My brother's fiance tried to wake my brother up, and she couldn't, so she had to run out of the house and then the firefighters came."

Travis was rescued, but not before he was badly burned.

"He has a third-degree burn on his hip, so he's getting a skin graph done today.  He's also getting a tube in his throat to breathe," said Birge.

Mr. Birge's fiance said no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't wake him.

"He's just really hard to wake up from his medication.  He gets really blurry minded when he wakes up," she said.  "Hopefully, this is an eye-opener.  They need more people there watching.  The mental disabilities, a lot of people think it's their fault or they can overcome it, and a lot of them can't overcome it."

Employees are shocked.  They do a check every 2 hours.  An investigation is underway.

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