4 Major Fires This Week + How They Effected the Community

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4 major fires

Four major fires had major effects in their communities across the U.S.  Towns evacuated, millions in damage, multiple businesses destroyed and more in this blog post. 

1)  More than 160 Evacuated Because of Sawmill Fire 

In Southern Arizona, over 160 people have been evacuated due to the Sawmill Fire.  It began on Sunday morning and has burned 40,350 acres.  It is currently 20% contained.  Authorities have confirmed that it is human caused.  One of the first people evacuated was the Green Valley Fire District Chief Chuck Wunder.  He described the experience as "humbling."  

2)  Fire Caused $1 million in Damage at Public Storage Facility 

A fire at a public storage facility in St. Petersburg, FL caused $1 million in damage.  Crews responded to reports of smoke and found that 20+ storage units had caught fire.  Firefighters had to force open each unit so they could extinguish it.  Weapons and ammunition were stored in one unit. 

3)  Massive Fire Destroys Two Buildings in Westlake and Triggers Evacuations

In a Los Angeles neighborhood, a massive fire destroyed two buildings in Westlake.  The flames erupted around 2 am in a Victorian duplex.  Over 160 firefighters reported to the fire.  About fifty people were evacuated from the area.  Fire crews are bringing in cadaver dogs to ensure that "there were no homeless individuals potentially trapped and in the rubble."

4)  Fire at Lumber Store Turns off the Lights for Hundreds 

In Ohio, a business was destroyed when a fire ignited.  The business was a lumber store, so fuel abounded.  Firefighters reported to the fire and fought for several hours.  They were still on the scene the next day.  They eventually got it under control.  However, not before 650 homes lost power. 

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