$2 Million Fire: Truck Stop Destroyed in Sunday Blaze

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$2 Million truck stop fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Indianapolis, IN -- A fire destroyed a southwest side truck stop; the damage is estimated at $2 million.

Black billowing smoke floated in the air above the truck stop as 100 firefighters fought to extinguish the fire.  Firefighters reported to the scene at 7:30pm on Sunday outside a Denny's restaurant at a truck stop.

James Waldo, a truck driver who was at the stop said, "There was plenty of time [to evacuate] and no panic."  He was watching a basketball game in the lounge when the owner told him to evacuate.

Approximately, 40 people were evacuated.

Firefighters raised the fire to three alarms because of its proximity to fuel pumps.  The fire brought 40 fire trucks to the scene.

Firefighters used thousands of feet of hose and battled trouble with water pressure.  "IFD called Citizen's Energy and asked them to boost the pressure, which helped -- but not before the building was a total loss," said Battalion Chief Rita Reith.  The fire was under control by 9:43pm; however, firefighters were still on the scene Monday morning fighting hot spots.

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