Couple Saved from Fire by Smoke Alarms

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Couple Saved from Fire by Smoke Alarms | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Chattanooga, TN -- A couple is alive and safe after a fire ignited and they were alerted thanks to working smoke alarms.

The couple, Theodore Herndon and his wife, were asleep in their upstairs bedroom when a smoke alarm activated shortly after midnight.  When they awoke, they discovered a fire, evacuated the house, and called 911.

Four fire companies responded to the fire.  When they arrived, the firefighters found a fully involved garage fire.  Firefighters first tried an interior attack with hoselines, but the flames soon broke through the roof and crews were ordered to take a defensive operation.

Firefighters began an aerial fight.  Once the fire was mostly extinguished, they moved to an interior attack to finish the job.

No one was hurt.  The home is currently being repaired.  They will also need to replace two cars, which were valued at $87k.

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