ER Doctor Killed in Suspicious GA Fire

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ER Doctor Killed in GA House Fire

Atlanta, GA -- Marcus Mosely, a 48 year old doctor in Atlanta was killed when a fire tore through his home.  His body was found at the bottom of the pool in the backyard.

Firefighters are investigating the fire, which they believe is suspicious.  A large quantity of flammable liquid was found throughout the house.

The fire was reported at 6:15pm and the flammable liquid has been listed as a "contributing factor."  The report has also listed the fire as set "intentionally."  However, that is a preliminary finding and has not yet been determined.  It is being investigated.

Witnesses say that they saw Dr. Mosely running from the house with hardly any clothes on and on fire.  He ran toward the backyard.  The fire crews found his body at the bottom of the pool and had divers recover his body.

Dr. Mosely's death has upset the community.  Neighbors say that Dr. Mosely, his wife, and three children have lived in the home for two years.

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