Fire Sprinkler System Protects Residents and Property at Retirement Home Fire

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Fire Sprinkler System Extinguishes Retirement Home Fire

Orland Park, IL -- A fire sprinkler quickly controlled a fire in the basement of Lexington Health Care Retirement Home this week.

The fire started at a coffee maker, sitting on a shelf and spread to the desk and wall.  However, the fire sprinklers quickly activated and controlled it.  Firefighters are crediting the fire sprinklers with saving lives and minimizing damage at the assisted living facility.  Damage was limited to one desk and shelf.  When firefighters arrived, they only needed to use a single fire extinguisher to complete the extinguishment.

"This was a perfect example of how the sprinkler system quickly prevented the fire from spreading throughout the property, and minimized the intrusion on the lives of the residents in the home.  Every year at our open house event, we demonstrate the role fire sprinkler systems play in saving lives and preventing damage caused by fires in businesses, properties - like assisted living centers -, and even in private homes," said Orland Park Fire Protection District Fire Chief Michael Schofield.

No residents needed to evacuate, thanks to the fire sprinkler system.

"This fire sprinkler save is an example of why the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services chose to require fire sprinklers in all new and existing skilled nursing facilities nationwide as of August 13, 2013," said Tom Lia, Executive Director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board. 

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