Bronx Mother Being Questioned When Toddler Sisters Die in Fire

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Bronx mother being questioned when toddler daughters die in fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Bronx, NY -- Police are questioning the mother of two toddlers who were killed in an apartment fire while she was across the street.  

Neighbors spotted the fire around 7pm.  "As we looked up, we saw the AC burst into flames right here in the window," said neighbor Daven Jackson.

The sisters, 18 month old Amanda Jabie and 2 year old Jannubi Jabie were trapped inside.  Neighbors tried to reach the girls, but the home was filled with smoke and flames, making it impossible.

"We heard kids crying, but it was too black and we couldn't breathe," said Jackson.

The family next door couldn't escape either.  They put wet towels under their door until help arrived.

"I opened the door to a bunch of black smoke.  I closed the door back up," said neighbor Tisha Dozier.

When firefighters arrived, they broke the windows and got the sisters out.  At this point, they were in grave condition.  They were taken to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital where the girls were pronounced dead.

Neighbors say that it appeared no adults were in the home at the time.  Witnesses say that the mother was at a laundromat across the street.  When she saw the fire, she tried to enter the home, but couldn't.  She was so distraught, she collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

FDNY officials are looking into whether the girls were left home alone and what safe guards were in the home.

At least eight other people were hurt in the fire.

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