Massive Fire Destroys Tacoma Warehouse

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Fire Destroys Warehouse | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Tacoma, WA -- A massive two-alarm fire left a Tacoma warehouse in ashes along with an entire city block yesterday morning.

The fire broke out at 1am.  "It basically looked like nothing but a chimney of fire going like 100 feet in the air or so," said Murphy.  The blaze was so hot, it melted the structure's beams.  "All you could see was a burning fireball rolling through the sky."

Three firefighters were hurt while fighting the fire.  They were treated at the scene.  The blaze was so intense that firefighters needed to pull out and take a defensive approach.

In addition to the warehouse, the fire damaged four other buildings and power lines on the block.  The downed power lines sent a slew of customers into the dark.

Firefighters are currently investigating the fire.

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