Residents Told Leases Terminated Following Senior Community Apartment Fire

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Residents Told Leases Terminated Following Senior Community Apartment Fire

Littleton, CO -- Over 130 senior citizens were told that their leases were terminated following a senior living facility fire.

Rose Sullivan, a resident of the facility, wiped tears away, "I can hardly walk."  She had lived at the facility for fifteen years when it caught fire on April 6.

Due to safety concerns, residents have only been allowed back into the building to pick-up personal belongings.  On Tuesday, residents were told that their leases have been terminated.

Brend Devlin, the sister of a resident, said, "Every word today, it was like, 'We have no liability.'" 

"We have no reason to believe it was something other than an accident," said Andy Boian, a spokesperson hired by the property owner Tevo-Orvis.  "There were asbestos concerns.  There were smoke concerns.  There was damage to the infrastructure of the building."

The property management company gave residents a schedule over 10 days for residents to remove their belongings.

Sullivan questioned, "When we get our stuff out, what's going to happen with the stuff?"

Boian said that the building owner is refunding security deposits, prorated rent, and an additional $500 per unit.

Devlin responded, "And his response was 'The sooner that we can get the demo done, the reconstruction, the sooner we can help the housing shortage in this area,' and I thought that was an inappropriate response because it indicated the driving force is to recuperate that property for the ownership to have it habitable to rent."

The fire is under investigation.

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