Warehouse that Burned Down Did Not Have Fire Sprinklers

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Warehouse that burned down did not have fire sprinklers

Redding, CA -- It was originally reported that fire sprinklers may have been destroyed in a major warehouse fire in Redding, but it has been confirmed that there were no fire sprinklers present in the building.

The warehouse caught fire on Saturday and destroyed the inventory.  Fire crews managed to save the showroom. 

The City of Redding Fire Prevention Division Chief Michael Bachmeyer said that the building was built in the 1940s.  It has been owned by several building owners over the years, but the use of the building remained the same, so it wasn't required to add fire sprinklers.

"As long as a building is always occupied in a manner that it was approved in the past those new codes don't necessarily immediately require retroactive addition of, say, a fire sprinkler in this case, to that building," said Bachmeyer.

Adding fire sprinklers was not required for this building, but, Bachmeyer continued, "99.9% of the time, if it's properly designed, properly installed, and properly maintained, a sprinkler system will hold a fire in check, when it's small, before it can grow to a point it outruns the sprinkler system."

The community has reached out with numerous messages of thanks for a job well done. 


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