1 Killed in 2-Alarm Warehouse Fire in CA

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1 Killed in 2-alarm warehouse fire

Oakland, CA -- Firefighters in Oakland, CA responded to a two-alarm warehouse fire.  During a sweep of the building, they found a body at the scene.

The fire ignited in a two-story warehouse.  When fire crews arrived, they found heavy flames coming from the building.  Once firefighters swept the building, they found one victim. 

Tristan Cramer was working next door at A2Z Awnings when he saw smoke billowing from the building.  He called 911.

"It was gray and all of a sudden it went black instantly and it covered this whole area," Cramer said.

Neighboring businesses needed to evacuate during the two-hours that firefighters were attempting to bring the flames under control.

"One Oakland Park firefighter was injured and transported to a hospital, for unknown reasons.  We suspect acetylene, propane, and other flammables in the rear of the structure," said David Rafter, Oakland Park Public Information Officer.

It took firefighters 45 minutes to extinguish the fire.  During the fight, a series of explosions occurred inside the building.

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