Illinois Warehouse Destroyed in Fire

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Illinois Warehouse Fire | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Woodridge, IL -- A massive fire devoured a RoomPlace furniture warehouse in Woodridge.

Thick black smoke could be seen twenty miles away from the scene.

"Everybody started running out the back door, talking about, 'Get out!'" said Ken LeFlore, who was inside the warehouse at the time of the fire.  "Being okay is important, I made it out to my family and my son and my girl, so that's what's important."

According to firefighters, more than 700,000 square feet went up in flames.  The flammable materials within the furniture helped spread the fire faster.

"We had some - what I would call smaller explosions - and I'm going to say that those were probably from some of the forklifts in there perhaps, they're run by propane," said Chief George Rimbo of the Lemont Fire Protection District.

"All of the sudden, we just heard the fire alarm go off, so we went outside," said Cesar Posada, who was also inside the warehouse when the fire started.  He described that there was thick black smoke, but that quickly changed.  "I was able to get in my car and get away.  My car is parked over there, because the ops said it was going to be a big one."

There were fifteen employees in the building at the time, and everyone escaped.

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