Brooklyn Teen Admits to Setting Fire that Killed Police Officer

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Brooklyn Teen Admitted to Setting Fire that Killed Police Officer | F.E. Moran Fire Protection

Brooklyn, NY -- A Brooklyn teen is being accused of setting a mattress on fire.  He is saying he "knew he'd get blamed" for the fire and death of the officer.

Marcell Dockery, who was 16 at the time of the fire on April 6, 2014, said that he "knew he'd get blamed for the deadly incident, but did not mean for anyone to get hurt."  Dockery voluntarily got into a police car following the fire.

According to officers, Dockery made "nervous" small talk with the cops.  "He inquired if the woman on the 13th floor was hurt badly," said Detective Michael Habert in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday.

As the flames rose, Dockery alerted Noelia Torres to get out of the building.  The burning mattress was outside her door and started to burn out of control.

Dockery has a history of arson fires and appeared "nervous" to officers.  Dockery didn't want to keep quiet.  He chatted nervously with police officers.

Initially, Dockery made himself out to be a hero.  He claimed he saw the fire and smoke and tried to warn people.  However, video footage showed another story.  Police also talked to Dockery's cousin, who said that Dockery started the fire.

When Dockery was informed his cousin had told police officers that he was the arsonist, he admitted to the crime.  "I didn't mean to harm anyone or damage the building," Dockery allegedly wrote in a statement.

Officer Rosa Rodriguez was badly injured in the fire and now only has 36% capacity of her lungs and will need a transplant.  Officer Dennis Guerra died in the fire.

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