Sprinklers Save Assisted Living Home from Fire

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Sprinkler System Saves Assisted Living Facility

Washington -- Residents of a Washington assisted living facility are safe following a fire that ignited in the kitchen of their ALF when fire sprinklers activated.

The fire damage was intense enough to force residents to move out, but firefighters said the damage could have been much worse if there weren't an automatic fire sprinkler system installed.  It put out the fire before fire crews arrived.

The owner of the facility - Abundant Love Home - said she was cooking in the kitchen when the frying pan caught fire.  Four patients and four staff members were in the facility when it ignited.

When the fire was reported, thirty firefighters arrived at the scene.  The fire was already extinguished, but fire crews helped residents evacuate.  The fire crews also tore down walls to ensure that the fire didn't re-ignite.

"The fire grew in intensity enough to where the fire sprinkler activated.  We had to cut off the facilities to the home so any medical facilities will not operate," said Chief Spokesperson for the Prince George County Fire and EMS Department Mark Brady.

Three patients evacuated without incident.  The fourth was on a ventilator and needed assistance.

Brady said the working fire sprinklers and smoke alarms ensured that there was minimal damage to the facility.

Patients need to find a new place to live temporarily not because of the fire, but because it was discovered that the license for the assisted living residence expired last month.

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