Fire Forces Evacuation of Downtown High-rise

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Fire Forces Evacuation of Downtown High-rise

Canada -- A small fire on the seventh floor of the Park Mall Apartments, a high-rise, cleared out residents of the complex. 

The fire is believed to have been started from an electrical short.

At 9:15am, the fire alarm went off and power was cut off to the apartments.  The Guelph Fire Department deputy chief John Osborne reported that there was a lot of smoke as 30 residents gathered outside.  The apartment has mostly aging and elderly people.  Many stayed in the building along with pets during the fire.

"My husband is disabled.  He is deaf and he's in a wheelchair.  He is still in our apartment," said Shiela Timson, a resident. 

Timson said that there is a list of disabled residents, so firefighters and paramedics know who needs their assistance first.

Sarah Root, another resident, said that she was worried about her dog.  "My dog has bad anxiety attacks when the alarms go off.  It's stupid that they can't let a couple of us go in to get our pets out.  The animals are just as important as the humans in there."

During the fire, one person was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, six fire trucks responded, and twenty-six fire staff reported to the scene.

Timson has lived in the building since 1995.  She said this is not the first fire.

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