"This was a hit" -- Texas Attorney Found Dead in Fire

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Texas Attorney Found Dead in Fire

A fire tore through a residential home where Attorney Ira Tobolowsky was found dead.  He had been drenched in gasoline and found in the garage.

The past week has revealed that the fire is likely not an accident, but a cover up to his murder.  Tobolowsky was in a heated legal battle.  He represented a woman whose son was suing her in a civil suit.  When he won, the son had sued Tobolowsky for defamation.  The week before the fire, the son had sent Tobolowsky a message saying, "I will kill you."   

"This was a hit -- there's no question in my mind this was a hit," said Robert Hinton, Tobolowsky's friend.  "It just had to be criminal.  It was disguised as a fire to cover a hit."

Tobolowsky was a longtime litigator who was a parter at a Dallas law firm.

"I've handled defamation cases before," said Tobolowsky's attorney Steve Schoettmer.  He indicated that the defendant had "tremendous ill will" toward Tobolowsky.

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