7 Year Old Boy Credited with Saving Father During Fire

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7 Year Old Boy Credited with Saving Father from Fire

Costa Mesa, CA -- A 7 year old boy saved his dad from a fire 2 weeks after attending a fire house safety event.

William Rimmer II, 7, alerted his father of a fire when he saw it through his window.  The fire started in the garage and quickly consumed it.  "My son really, really pulled through, he's definitely a hero," said William Rimmer.

Rimmer Sr tucked his son into bed around 9pm on Saturday while he fell asleep in the living room.  He awoke to his son shaking him and yelling fire.

"No smoke or anything like that.  Went to the garage door, opened the garage door, and it was just a fiery inferno," said Rimmer Sr.

The second grader said that he said the fire through his window in the garage.  Rimmer Sr grabbed his son and dog and evacuated.  Neighbors called 911.

Rimmer Sr says his son saved their lives and home.  "He knows about the fire safety and when to stay back and when not to, what to recognize, and stuff like that," said Rimmer Sr.

The 7 year old attended an open house at the local fire station two weeks prior to the fire.

"Tell an adult, get out and stay out, and that's exactly what this kid did that day, and we're very proud of him for that," said Costa Mesa Fire and Rescue Captain Chris Coates.

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