One Sprinkler Head Saved a Family

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One Sprinkler Head Saves Family

Harrisburg, PA -- A fire ignited in a family home and that ignited local firefighters to push for single family home fire sprinklers.

The fire cost the family $174.90, according to the Harrisburg Bureau Fire Chief Brian Enterline.  No one was hurt.  Compare that to a fire with no fire sprinklers.  According to Enterline, it generally costs between $50,000 and $100,000, and could potentially cause injury or loss of life.

"The water damage you see in your living room when you have a small fire put out by that sprinkler is far, far better than having your entire home consumed and your family taken away," Enterline continued. 

Enterline and other firefighters are pushing to make fire sprinklers mandatory throughout the state for homes.  In Pennsylvania, all structures except single family homes are required to have fire sprinklers.

In January of 2011, a law was enacted requiring all buildings, including single family homes in PA to have fire sprinklers.  However, it was reversed by April 2011.

"We don't care who makes the money - if it's a builder or sprinkler contractor.  What we know is one sprinkler head is going to save a life and I don't know what price you put on that," Enterline said. 

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