Magnesium-Fueled Fire in Maywood, Explosions

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Magnesium-Fueled Fire in Maywood

Maywood, CA -- A magnesium-fueled fire in Maywood burned through two commercial properties and caused several explosions.  The explosions lead to thousands of residents to lose power.

The fire began at 2:30am in a junkyard and quickly engulfed two commercial buildings.  When firefighters arrived, they took a defensive mode due to heavy smoke.  One of the buildings had magnesium burning inside.  This caused multiple explosions.

"The problem with magnesium is when water goes on it, it violently reacts," Inspector Randall Wright said.  

Nearby residents had to be evacuated because of the spread of the fire.  At that time, fire officials assessed the chemicals to determine if more evacuations were needed.

Over 3,000 residents were left without power.  Power was restored to most customers.

Seventy-five firefighters reported to the fire, and no one was hurt.

See the full story here. 


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