F.E. Moran Fire Protection National Completes Safety Trained Supervisor Course

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F.E. Moran Fire Protection National recently completed the Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) course through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

Company President Joins Field and Safety Crew to Complete STS Course

Champaign, IL -- Jeffrey Keiper, President of F.E. Moran Fire Protection National (FPS) approved to have his management, field leadership, and safety team complete the Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) safety training program as part of their 2015-2016 Safety Action Plan. Furthermore, Keiper's dedication to safety was so rooted that he participated in the training class and was awarded the STS certification. FPS along with Keiper are one of the first sprinkler companies in the Champaign area to complete this specialized training course. 

According to Keiper, "If safety is to be accepted into a company culture, it is imperative that it start from the top level of leadership and be enforced and reinforced to the lowest level. The responsibility for safety of others must not be taken lightly and is the single greatest role to be charged with. Our people are who we are. At F.E. Moran Fire Protection National, we view our team as our most important resource and we must insure their safe operation throughout the working day and beyond for their families, their friends, and for the company. I am honored to be a part of the safety culture at F.E. Moran."

The BCSP is an organization that has been around since the 1960s and is the US governing body to safety professionals all over the world. Certifications through BCSP are recognized by entities including 3M, NASA, Willis, Turner, Bovis, Power Construction, Walsh, Clayco, Arco and others. 
Over a 30 day period, the F.E. Moran Safety Team hosted four training sessions to educate employees on the fundamentals of safety. They developed a BCSP-based syllabus and purchased corresponding books to conduct the 4-part course. At the conclusion, each student had to complete a 100 question exam at a third party testing facility.  Continue Here.

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