Fire Sprinklers Save Capitol Building from Fire

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capitol building fire

Iowa -- Officials have reported that a small fire ignited in the Capitol building and was quickly extinguished by fire sprinklers.

Mark Logsdon, commander of the Iowa State Patrol unit that provides security for the Capitol Building reported that custodial staff discovered the fire at 5:45pm.

"The State Fire Marshal's Office has investigated and it appears that it's electrical in nature," said Logsdon.

The fire was discovered in an office used by the House Republicans.  The fire sprinkler quickly activated and put out the fire before firefighters could arrive.  Smoke poured through the statehouse rotaunda.  Fire crews set up exhaust fans to pump out the smoke.

"To ventilate it out of that huge cavernous building that the capitol is, the old saying is smoke rises," said Logsdon.  "Well, it certainly does and so we have the doors open to the top of the dome and we're ventilating the smoke straight up through the center part of the building, up through the dome and out that way and it certainly seems to be helping quite a bit."

Luckily, fire crews were at the statehouse earlier that day testing the sprinkler system.  "It's a good example of the importance of good detection and due diligence and the environment people work in and we were very, very fortunate with this," said Logsdon.

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