100 Year Old Warehouse Destroyed in Fire

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100 year old warehouse fire

Olympia, WA -- A 100 year old warehouse was destroyed when a massive fire tore through it yesterday.

Investigators have not been able to enter the area because the wooden frame of the warehouse had been compromised in the fire.  It is believed that the fire started from fireworks.

Crews responded to the fire at 1:15am after receving calls about fire and smoke.  When firefighters arrived, they saw flames shooting into the sky.  They fought the fire for an hour and a half before it was declared under control.

Power crews rushed to deactivate electrical lines near the warehouse.

Brandon Williams witnessed the fire, "We saw the smoke first and then we ran up here and saw flames that were like 20 or 30 feeet in the air.  It's one heck of a way to end a Fourth of July."

Officials reported that the fire destroyed a warehouse that was built before 1920 and used in a lumber mill.  Recently, it was used for a local fuel company, tea wholesaler, and wood shop.

The fire started an hour or two after people were spotted using fireworks for the Fourth of July.  

The damage is estimated at $350,000 for the building and $500,000 for the contents.

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