Outdoor Fire Sprinkler System Saves Maryland State House Dome

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Outdoor Fire Sprinkler System

Annapolis, MD -- Lightning struck the Maryland State House on Friday.  Outdoor fire sprinklers prevented the wooden dome from catching fire, according to the Annapolis Capitol.

"Annapolis Fire Department Captain R. Scott Svoboda said officials received a call of a possible fire at the State House at 6:26pm Friday evening," the Capitol reported.  Firefighters investigated the fire and determined that lightning had struck the capitol, which has been in use since 1772.

"Officials cleared the area at 7pm and Svoboda said there were no injuries," according to the Capitol.  Fire officials credited an outdoor fire sprinkler for preventing the fire.

Governor Larry Hogan tweeted, "Was on the scene to investigate damage from lightning hitting the State House.  Outside sprinkler worked, no fire.  Very thankful! #Annapolis.

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