Woman Killed in House Fire

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Woman killed in house fire

New Rochelle -- A 55 year old health care worker at a rehabilitation hospital was killed in a fire overnight.

Loretta Wood died in the fire that broke out late Sunday night.  It was the first fatal fire in New Rochelle since April 2008.  

Richard Sgaglio, a Spokesman, said, "Obviously, something like this is shocking.  Loretta is someone who is extremely popular here.  She's just been so beloved by so many people.  She's really an amazing person."

The fire was first noticed by police officers passing by.  The officers found the home fully engulfed in flames and heard people screaming inside.  The police officer was able to guide the people through a window and outside.

The people who escaped were on the third floor, climbed out a window, jumped to the second floor roof, and jumped to police officers 10 feet below.  Loretta was on the second floor, where - it appeared - the fire originated. 

Arson investigators are on the scene; however, at this time, it does not appear that the fire is suspicious.

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